Friday, February 1, 2013

Katy Perry almost dated who????

I've seen some strange celebrity couples in my day.

Julia Roberts and that ugly-ass country guy.

Peanut Butter and Pickle.

The following would have been right up there on that level.

According to a recent interview with Details Magazine, Katy Perry and Josh Groban were SUPER close to being an item. Here's an excerpt:

DETAILS: Is it true you're friends with Katy Perry? Josh Groban: We're very good friends. We met before her first album was even released, and we hit it off because we're both goofballs.
DETAILS: Did you date her?
Josh Groban: No, not really.
DETAILS: "Not really"? It's simple, Josh: Did your tongue ever touch her tongue?
Josh Groban: [Laughs] I'm not commenting on that. We might have skated on the line of dating.
DETAILS: But you did date January Jones, before she was on "Mad Men."
Josh Groban: We dated for about two and a half years, and we were madly in love. It was definitely my longest relationship. I'd love to get into another serious relationship. I am a real
romantic at heart.
... lemme get this straight. Katy Perry could have dated Josh Groban and chose John Freakin' Mayer instead? Good call.

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